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Your first relationship

Feb 10, 18 at 10:47am

Haven’t had my first yet lol. If I did I think it wouldn’t last more than a week.

Bloodman123726 commented on Your first relationship
Feb 10, 18 at 10:55am

Oh, rip man

Feb 10, 18 at 11:29pm

I was actually about 18-19 in my first relationship. Like there was one when I was 14, but that was barely anything, since she lived out where my mom lived and I only saw her a few times, but I digress. Anyways, I never really had the high school romance I always wanted, so if you haven't either, don't feel bad. It doesn't mean life is over.

It was right around graduation when I was introduced to her by a friend. After hanging out some, I told her I thought she was cute after driving her back to her car, and within a few weeks, we started secretly dating. (At the time, we only kept it a secret because it would have been embarrassing if our mutual friend found out about it.) Anyways, word got out when we were more comfortable. It was my first relationship, it was like her third, and she had some baggage which young naive me thought I could fix. (Especially since some of it was rooted in certain supernatural elements, and I actually have an affinity for that sort of thing, but once again, I digress.) So I would fix things in her life... And then she would create more. And then I would fix those. And then she would create more. She was bipolar as well, so I'm thankful for the experience of learning how to interact with people like her. But ultimately the relationship lasted for about a year, and that was mostly because I was too nice and let things drag on. I won't pretend that it was a hapless relationship. Because we had our moments, and I learned a lot of lessons. But I was kinda tired of being sized up to people I wasn't. She did cheat on me which at the time I forgave since I was not ready to take the relationship in the direction she wanted to. But I kinda stopped trusting her after that. I actually broke up with her when we went on a trip to the florida keys one winter with some college friends. Basically we were on a picturesque island with friends where nothing could go wrong and she was still unhappy with everything. And that was kinda ruining everyone's fun time. My friend Kim was actually the one who gave me the final push I needed by saying I didn't deserve the treatment I was getting from her, and she was about as neutral of a perspective as I could of gotten, so it was really eye opening. So I actually broke up with her at the most southern point of the US. (There was a landmark there.)

Then of course a day later, both mentioned girls needed to be back in Ohio for two different reasons, so I was elected to drive my ex and my friend home... Which made it a very long and awkward drive home for Kim and I when she kept accusing us of being together. (Which for the record wasn't happening. Kim liked a different guy and I viewed her as too much of a sister to date. We were just close friends with a strong empathic link.)

About a year after that, my ex moved on, and started dating her first ex (Whom she told me raped her, among all kinds of other stories that she later confessed weren't true), and they now have a kid together, and they seem pretty happy. I honestly think he was the best man for her all along. But basically because of this relationship, I learned to value the freedom of being single. I don't mean like I sleep around with random girls or anything, but there are certain methods of control that I always felt untrusted and frustrated when she used them on me. So, that's the story of my first relationship. I still honor it for what it was and take from it what I learned about myself and relationships in general.

Take my advice, don't be in a rush to be in a relationship. Being single and alone is better than a bad relationship with some good moments. Yet a good relationship with some bad moments is more ideal than being alone. Take your time, explore yourself, and explore the soul you seek a union with.

Mar 04, 18 at 9:32pm

I was 16 (or 17). I don't really remember because the person I dated I asked out on homecoming and the next morning she dumped me. And that was the last relationship I had. I came across other people in my life that I liked, but never dated.

Mar 04, 18 at 11:06pm

I was attracted to a classmate in highschool and became friends with her. My feelings grew stronger as time went on, to the point where I felt I'd explode if I didn't tell her, so I did. She was very wishy washy about it. It started with a yes. Then was a no the next day. She kept that up for years and I never knew how to feel. I could have given up entirely but any time I tried she would spark some hope.

It never became anything intimate, really. Some things happened, and she ended up hurting me more than anyone ever has. I learned a lot from it, but maybe some things might have been the wrong lessons. I keep my deeper feelings close to my chest, and I'm perhaps too timid about it to make a serious attempt again, until maybe I grow out of it.

Mar 05, 18 at 5:07pm

I never really had relationship irl, I met my first boyfriend here but it didn't really worked out. Idk maybe its because of the timeline? the attitude we both been acting before we broke up? Or maybe because we're just too immature and different to see things in a perspective.

He's really a great guy. I was sooo in love with him or should I say, I was obsessed lol I didn't know what to do since it's my first time having a boyfriend. I didn't know how to act and didn't know what to think when we're not talking. It's like my whole world revolved around him and that's when my friends started to get worried about me. They wanted me to choose between him and them, but I chose him. We never had a skype date like face to face, but I like hearing his voice and mispronouncing my name which is pretty hilarious. Days with him became weeks, weeks become months. Until somehow he got tired of me and almost stopped talking to me. That's when paranoia hit me. I searched up his ex then got jealous of them even though they're already a history. I talked to his bestfriend, and asked whether he was doing ok or what not. His bestfriend didn't even know that he was dating me and that hit me pretty hard. It felt like I was a completely different person from him. I know its unreasonable but I felt that he was ashamed of dating me before so he completely closed me up in that reality I know. In return, I lied about something ridiculous. In doing what I did have ended everything we got.

Lesson learned, never fall too much in love, especially if the other person isn't feeling the same towards you

Mar 05, 18 at 5:10pm

Friends who make you choose are never rly your friends, I had to talk to my friend about us telling him “oh man never spend time with us always so whipped not our friend!!” Shit teasing him. Your partner should come before friends but friends should never be abandoned

Mar 05, 18 at 5:17pm

I know, they said they just wanted the best for me and maybe they thought that being in that kind of relationship isn't gonna work...

. commented on Your first relationship
Mar 05, 18 at 5:23pm

it was long distance.. met her here in MO 4 years back, she was half spanish and half korean :3
we had quite the fun... but didnt last long :P

Mar 05, 18 at 6:00pm

I remember my first sweet sweet first love

My very first girlfriend i wont really count cuz it was sort of a weird situation. So i will talk about my first serious relationship

I met her here onthe site and eventually we migrated to facebook and things got serious and i eventually asked her to be my gf. But she somehow started dating someone in that time we were talking. First red flag, i then said i would wait for her. Eventually she broke up with thw dude and we started dating immediately after and it was all good until like a month in she ignored me for a week cuz of a little joke i made and i sent her a huge apology and she forgave me red flag 2. It happened once again and this time i waited the storm out and she started talking to me again. Blah blah blah 4 month anniversary and she meets some dude and they get pretty cool me being the yandere i am said get away from him and for good reason cuz later on i found out she was messing around with him.

The end c: story time is over kids

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