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Yo! Whats your talent?

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≧ ManamI ≦ commented on Yo! Whats your talent?
≧ ManamI ≦
Nov 12, 16 at 10:41pm

Are you actually a 12yo who just discovered internet and went shitposting everywhere?

Nov 12, 16 at 11:14pm

I guess my talent is tech work for plays. That and I can sing... I'm not as good as some people but I can sing. And I do SFX makeup

Nov 12, 16 at 11:31pm

Man everyone gots cool talents :D

Nov 13, 16 at 12:47am

Mines oil painting


I can be so quiet sometimes that I scare people intentionally or unintentionally.I have really good reflexes now due to my coworkers and friends randomly throwing stuff at me to the point where it's pretty much a inner circle joke(send help).I'm also The Master Procrastinator.

Nov 30, 16 at 6:44am

Making everyone hate me in a matter of seconds.

Nov 30, 16 at 7:34am

I'm pretty good at making ninja hand seals.

Dec 01, 16 at 8:34am

being lazy.
~it's an art

Dec 02, 16 at 2:55am

I guess either working on electronics or academics. My classmates always admired and hated (jokingly) that they could spend 12 hours studying and still not get the same grades I got with 2 hours.

Dec 04, 16 at 1:13pm

Roasting my friends..?
Sleeping anytime I want
Sleeping 15 hours a day
Optimize good call/play on games

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