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Yo! Whats your talent?

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Sep 13, 16 at 11:50am

Acting, I suppose, since that's what my degree is in and I graduated with honors. Costume making/ cosplay, too, since I've gotten a few awards for that as well. I also like to think I'm pretty great at cooking and making desserts. :)

Sep 13, 16 at 12:03pm

^ That's waifu gold right there. X3

Sep 13, 16 at 12:04pm

Also. Waiting for when someone to tell that sexual talent they have. Yup, just waiting. >.>

Sep 13, 16 at 12:25pm

Oh, well, damn! Someone should have said something before! Obviously, I placed gold in dick sucking during the sexlypmics.

Sep 13, 16 at 12:49pm

^ This! Right here. This is how waifu gold is made! Made out of spices from the moon!

Thank you, Moon Spice. You have made my day. XD

Illuminous commented on Yo! Whats your talent?
Sep 13, 16 at 12:59pm

I'm good at explaining and executing things in great detail. However I can only do it with things that I can control and have absolute power over. I can't explain other thing like human emotions for example. And I also don't understand other human emotions very well either.

Sep 15, 16 at 1:35am

Hm.. Any mathematic/logical based subject. Works well in IT, everything is easy after the first try !

I'm a great cook too, and uhm.. I'm a pro with my tongue!

Sep 15, 16 at 2:43am

I can move my ears, eyebrows, and nose if that counts as talent? Also on a very boring day I learned that I can move my toes individually.

I'm good at boiling and frying eggs.

Sep 15, 16 at 8:06am

Like Cinnamoon, my degree is in Theatre, and I used to act professionally.

I also sing, and if you ask nicely I might post up a couple of links. ^^

Sep 15, 16 at 12:10pm

I'm a decent troubleshooter and pretty decent at being a nice guy but that is about it. No real specific talents as far as i'm aware.

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