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Unpopular opinions


Well the moderation team on there suck. Very biased and im sure some even abuse their power or are blackmailed by the streamers in exchange for immunity. Just the law of the land


IDC if someone blackmailed me saying they will post my peen publicly. It's a glorious peen. No excuses twitch.


Femboys are the one of the worst things that became popular in JP Pop culture...
Hellfire to them!


Konosuba seems sucky. Let's see if it's worth of some praise.

Apr 29, 21 at 7:16pm

rule 1 of anime, dont follow hype.. go in blind.


@hell_hound7 It is an open secret that Twitch does not take action or treats bigger streamers preferable. There have been rumours that certain streamers are involved with Twitch staff for beneficial treatment.
There have been streamers with around 400 viewers banned for less, like a pose that was too revealing or so.

I mean yes, the moderation is kinda biased, similar on like every moderated site on the internet, if a mod likes a certain person, they don´t ban them directly. The boobie-streamers were kinda annoying but now it turned out into soft porn and as I said before, advertising porn.


A sensible take on Twitch Thots.


@timelessness yeah i think these people make money for twitch or they have some sort of relationship with someone high up in the staff. Its weird how twitch works.

Soft porn or not, nothing will happen unless advertisers pull out from twitch cuz thats where the real money is. When amazon comes asking questions twitch staff will start going ban happy. We saw what happened with DMCA

Apr 30, 21 at 9:12am

imo, isekai anime isn't really that good >__< I find most isekai protagonists to be quite boring in terms of personality and character depth, although I do understand that there's a reason why they're written that way. I've also observed that the plot usually follows a predictable pattern. Nevertheless, I'm open-minded and if anyone has any recommendations that will prove me wrong, let me know uvu


@mikariin you havent aeen re:zero then u.u

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