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Unpopular opinions


Shippers suck and I hate them.


If you ship two characters for your own personal reasons I am perfectly fine with that. Like Johnny Bravo and Velma Dinkly for example. However a lot of them on Twitter like to force animation companies and indie projects to make their ships canon. This turns a decent story of something into a story of who is screwing who. This raises the questions, is sex all that they have on their mind? Do they need to get laid and are projecting this need on other characters? Why do I need to ask these questions in the first place?


Same boat, man. Same boat...
But I think this is a pretty popular opinion, unless you are in Twitter...


I don't want pokemon games to be open world. I think the budget should go towards having the ability to transfer all my pokemon from 1 game to the next. You can have a game that feels like a grand adventure without it being open world. Also bigger open world =/= better.


Havent pokemon games always been open world though? Like yeah the story is linear but you can basically roam anywhere you want and not do the story


I hate all "open world" games. I prefer for the action to be divided into stages with clear-cut boundaries. And I prefer games which stick to a specific genre instead of being a "sandbox" that makes you lose all focus and purpose.

Jan 18, 21 at 3:28pm

In-N-Out is overrated. It's meh average.


why didnt perfect cell use instant transmission to get out the kamehameha blast with gohan in dbz


He needed two hands to hold back a severely wounded 11 year old using only one arm. Lmao


Oh and he had vegeta's ego/pride so he would rather die than lose a beam struggle with his most powerful attack

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