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Dec 21, 09 at 6:56pm

Anyone going to be at A-kon June 4-6th in Dallas TX?

I will be there with a group of friends if anyone wants to meet up and hang out, I have a nikon d60 and will be taking pictures for my website =D

_ @themoonkitty commented on A-kon
Dec 24, 09 at 5:25am

<center><font color="purple">I want you to know when I saw this topic I was all like O___O :-O **epic gasp**<BR>
Hehehe. I <B><i><u>HAVE</b></i></u> to go to A-Kon every year. If I don't ... Gremlins may eat pieces of my soul xD <BR>
Me and my con compadres will totally be there =^-^= </center></font>

Seto @seto commented on A-kon
Dec 24, 09 at 8:41am

I want to go so bad! A-kon was my first con (most epic experience ever), and I went every year before drama and life got in the way. ;.;<br>
I'm going to make an effort to go this year though- I miss it too much! It's definitely the best con I've been too, and I have to stock up on doujin! XD<br>
Are you guys staying at the hotel, or do you just drive from where you live?

_ @themoonkitty commented on A-kon
Dec 24, 09 at 6:00pm

<Center><Font color="purple">Which A-Kon was your first? <BR>
I haven't been going for very long (I was afraid to go to a con ^-^;;;; ) so my first A-Kon was 18 nyah!<BR>
Life + Drama = BOO!! I hate when that happens >_< <BR>
We try and stay at a hotel cuz the amount of time it takes to drive... Is taking away from my con time (=^_^=)V </center></font>

Seto @seto commented on A-kon
Dec 24, 09 at 6:07pm

I think it was A-Kon... 15? I believe? I know I was 16 years old, haha.<br>
I think I'm going to try to convince some of my friends down here to come with me so we can all get a room; driving does take up precious con time. Of course, you can always just stay awake all weekend... XD

_ @themoonkitty commented on A-kon
Dec 27, 09 at 4:47pm

<center><font color="purple">Lol staying up all night at con is one of the best parts!
I had to sleep at the last con I went to cuz... it was boring xD
But A-Kon is great for staying up the whole time =n_n=</center></font>

Leah @leah commented on A-kon
Feb 17, 10 at 2:03am

Im going this year ^-^
Im bringing a couple friends too.
It will be my first time at A kon so im excited

Amasun @amasun commented on A-kon
Feb 17, 10 at 7:12am

My friend and I really want to go but we're unsure if we can afford it at this point as we're more used to going to AnimeFest. If we go if might just end up being me and her though. >.<0


yeah it seems highly POSSIBLE that my friend and I MIGHT be coming! I really hope so. i've been wanting to go for years but have yet to. In fact I've already started working on cosplay ideas but it all depends IF we get to go :)

_ @themoonkitty commented on A-kon
Mar 22, 10 at 3:02am

<font color="purple">OMG if all of y'all go we should totally stop and say hi :D if for no other reason... So I can glomp you =n_n= </font>

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