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Looking for poke'mon gen 9 partners

hi, i am looking for someone to help me re-locate through the gen 9 map and help me level through terra raids, i will give friend code here to anyone who messages me for terra raids and stuff pertaining to poke'mon! ALSO: sorry if this isn't supposed to be here. also also: i need someone who is willing to join me via VC (voice chat) or VVC(video voice chat) on dis, pm on here to get my NintendoSwitch:FC&discord username too. alright thats it!! also thanks!!
lookin for poke'mon gen 9/scarlet/violet players to help me through the map, i had to initialize my console soooo i have to redo all including one of the DLC and then i wanted to do the second DLC wit someone
koraidon and miraidon at level 100 at max stats would help
Tip: Galarian Slowbro dominates literally any tera raid. Not saying it for the memes, I'm actually honest for once. Calm mind/Iron Defense with Stored Power with a Shell Bell. 7 Star Raids have real life beef with me for what horrible atrocities my "Glowbro" performs on them.
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