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Hi! Everyone✨️

I'm An Otaku And Tend To Stay Awake All Night, I Love To Watch Yaoi And Read Webtoons. I Also Like To Make Friend's That Has The Same Interests As Me, Anyway! Nice To Meet You All And I Hope We Can Be Friend's.
Welcome! You and your interests are accepted here. And if you need any occult or spiritual knowledge- Er, sorry. Bit my tongue. If you happen to have need of anything in your quest for friendship, just ask.
Feb 09, 24 at 2:56am
Welcome o/
Hi awesome people. I just got on this website some hours ago and saw a thread page for intros. My names lillian. i live in the bay but originally from the hot dry state of arizona(not my choice). I was recommended by a friend to get on this webiste to maybe meet people. Well hi. I hope your day well its like 12:55am my time is going great. Yeah im not very social LOL
Feb 13, 24 at 4:50am
Welcome o/
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