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What upcoming Anime releases are you all excited for?

And what we have here is another definition of a necromancer. Contrary to what was said in the Religious Rants thread, this necromancer does have the power to revive the dead. Dead threads that is. Anyway, has anyone caught Fate: Strange Fake? HOT DAYUMN! That was everything I know and love from fate with a healthy coat of Baccano dripping from it. A dead apostel as a master, chasing down a defiant servant, a sacrificial wolf given command seals and a servant, a psionicist bumbling his way into the mage's world and accidentally entering the grail war through tampering with the ambient energies, accidentally landing Jack the Ripper in the berserker incarnation as a servant, and not to mention the spectral PALE RIDER bounded to a little girl in a coma. And that's not the only one. Masamune's Revenge got a season 2. I never thought I would see the day, but god damn am I thankful for it!
I choke on a giant strawberry and then get isekaid to a new life with big titty AI waifus
U watching too much isekai
About God damn time https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1148296565698609158/1194255023270527046/Screenshot_20240109_132245_X.jpg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkMlSbJ8u8o I'm excited for Go, Go, Loser Ranger! It's like the Japanese version of The Boys.
https://youtu.be/pQxzQ6DIWmU?si=kYvS3nDDJ6Poyrqt https://youtu.be/AC8V_z5x9mI?si=hQIz485h6uN5bdek https://youtu.be/ISJFZ-ZnBys?si=vJgH6VqxQrpHKTDR https://youtu.be/msz5jAG_FSk?si=u_Vz-nehaZbt8iW_
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