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Trophy/achievement hunters

A place to post about achievements or trophies you collected in games. Tips, tricks, gripes and complaints, anything and everything achievement related.
I was working on this one for a while it was harder to pull off than i thought. Basically the trophy in stray says to avoid the enemies and dont let them grab you. This took not only skill but strategic pathing https://youtu.be/pfnoo4eiyuQ
The last platinum I got was for Resident Evil 5. I have too big of a backlog to trophy hunt but I used to. Lol
Rn im working on a platinum for stray then im gonna try and finish up god of war ragnarok and try my hand at returnal. Some if my hardest trophies are the stray video you saw, and yakuza like a dragon's dragon kart minigame, as well as control's puzzle trophies
I wouldn't consider myself a trophy hunter. In my mind, trophy hunters try to platinum as many games as they can. I don't have that many platinums. As I only platinum games that I really, really like. Off the top of my head. I platinum Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima and most recently God of War Ragnarök. I've already expressed my biased opinion on God of War. I love the game. I haven't stopped playing it since it came out. I've beaten the game one too many times. On the hardest difficulty. I go through Queen Gna and King King Hrolf like a hot knife through butter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3AuxWxrzeI . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPxro6ccw0g
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