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We are entering a massive technological revolution

I'm sure all of us have at least heard, seen, or talked about AI within the last year. Shit has literally been getting crazy, guys. I'm going to break this discussion down into several different categories: -Deep fakes -AI Generated art -AI generated music -AI generated voices -AI Generated programming code -Ai generated story writing - AI generated comedy A lof ot this stuff even last year was a joke. Looked like crap, barely developed, but now... Just take a look in my den of AI art. It's scary how fast this stuff is improving, and it can have an impact on society in a way that will completely reshape our future. If I find some crazy stuff about AI I will post it here. I'd also like to kick off a discussion and get other people's opinions are.
I don't know which of these AI advancements came out first but I want to cover deep fakes because that's what I became aware of first. I for one think it can be extremely nefarious. Deep fake porn comes to mind. Think about it. Anybody who shows their face to the public can now get deep faked into porn without them even knowing. Heck, a person can ruin another person's life out of spite using their enemy's Facebook gallery of profile pictures and a twisted mind. Your face and likeness no longer belongs to you anymore. So, Deepfakes. What are your opinions about it?
I hate it all. I feel like even things like AI generated art that seems the most tame of all is leading up to trying to replace genuine hard working artists of their jobs/hobbies and talent (I don’t have a problem with your AI art thread btw ^-^). I never liked the thought of AI anything... it kind of seems like people are being replaced and that’s not cool, it also seems like the more technologically advanced people make stuff it seems like they are trying to get lazy. A lot of the people (big businesses) trying to push AI it seems to me don’t want anyone to hold jobs anymore and replace you with an AI... I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s so that you are indebted to them and are forced to take business proposals from them. I don’t know if that is getting off track, but point is: I hate the thought of AI/robots. People need to stop trying to build them and just leave it alone
@wei_ying Speaking of people getting replaced by AI, it's actually already starting to happen. My friend is already having a harder time finding art gigs. AI art I have ambivalent feelings about. On one hand I can use my creativity and put things out there that my mind sees but I just can't translate into an art form through lack of skill. I'm a writer but a shitty artist. Now if I wanted to I could literally make my own manga with art for every single thing. It's so liberating! I feel more creative now than I have in years because I can see my thoughts in a visual form. However on the other hand I can easily see this currently unregulated medium falling into the wrong hands. Pedophiles could use AI for very nefarious purposes to generate illegal content. Big studios can fire their artists and just have some random guy make art. At it's core AI art is really just a copy based off of a copy based off of a real human artist. Without human artists there can never be anything truly new.
@arc I hope your friend is able to find gigs soon :(. I was gonna mention the fact AI art can be used by creepy people, because for every good thing there will always be a bad person behind it somewhere. I feel like AI art should in a way only be used for fun... but not to the point where people could make AI generated art and sell it, of course it’s people’s choice if they’d want to or not. But that really does take away from the artists who put their foot into their works to me :3. I feel like actually working on art helps people bond too! I mean if you have something you wanna learn you meet up with others who have the same interest and can create a bond or nice relationship from that. Which brings me to my next point being that I feel like they are trying to take away that human interaction too. Kind of fill the need of human touch, conversation, relationships and interactions with a machine is just what I think/feel. But I see why evil/bad people would push AI... a machine would/can be easier to control than a human XD, for every weaker human there’d be tons of others who won’t fall for this crap and that’s their problem.
@wei_ying Ah, I didn't even think of the isolationism aspect that this huge technological jump would bring. I could literally go out and design my own game from the ground up and not have to interact with a single person. AI programming. AI art. AI music. Literally everything is just another machine. For hermit-Arc-Sama this is a dream but I can imagine the extreme social consequences this will have in the future.
@arc Oh, definitely! Me and my twin/family have conversations about stuff like this constantly XD. We talk about every situation and possibility stuff like this can have. Glad you made a thread about stuff, I always wondered if anyone else was not okay or iffy with AI stuff.
Personally I'm all for it there's pros and cons to everything and the main argument I hear against things like A.I art is that real people are afraid to compete against it. That argument is pretty dumb imo since it's basically saying "this thing is bad because it's better than me" people do this every single time there's new and better technology usually it happens to businesses and they market the hell out of their products while simultaneously bad mouthing whatever is putting them out of business before eventually failing like how video stores were put under by streaming services or how GameStop is going under because of how easy it is to just buy a game online. As for the argument that people will use this technology for evil well no shit people use everything for evil. That's a human issue not an A.I issue. These problems have existed way before A.I and if we had listened back then we'd probably still be in the dark ages avoiding technological advancements
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fiiiiiine! AI is the next BIG leap, but so was electricity at one point. We're reaching a point where we're just starting to see the implications of that. However, no matter how far that takes us, the human role will ALWAYS play a pivotal role. How we handle that will make or break us. We will continue. Life will continue.
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