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I'm feeling inspired to make a catalog of shows that I have seen and attempt to explain what I've enjoyed or disliked about each one. My plan will be to rate the programs after each season or movie based on specific parts. Say for instance I watch season 1 of Re:Zero and find the story for me was an 8, the characters' personalities were a 9, and the music was a 6. My overall rating of what I watched would be somewhere around an average of about 7. That's adding the numbers and dividing by 3. Then if another season were to air I would grade that separate. Afterwards my next task would be to combine the total of all the seasons once the series finished to give a final rating. (Ex: Season 1 = 7 + Season 2 = 6 for a final score of 6) As for my interpretation of numbers pertaining to said ratings I wish to explain exactly what a 6 weighs in relation to my likeability. (1-4) for me personally are failing averages. If it falls below 5 then I hated every minute of being subjected to that particular show. 1 means I wanted to break the TV. 2 was unbearable except for the fact the idea for the show was genuinely interesting, however its execution sucked along with the design and editing. 3 is terrible though I might have enjoyed very specific aspects of a character or premise (most likely the music from the soundtrack.) 4 meant it was below average with characters that either weren't interesting/annoying or the plot couldn't stick to a specific tone and the pacing was all over the board. (5) is my baseline for loving an anime. 5 is the magic number to be decided good and tolerable. 5 ISN'T a BAD rating. It only means that work could be done to improve it. Perhaps better editing to fix the pacing. They could flesh out background characters more. The music wasn't doing enough to elevate the mood or set the atmosphere of the story. Simple adjustments that would have made the anime greater than it was. I will gladly watch a 5 if nothing else is on. (6) means it was above average with many aspects that I loved. It wasn't a classic, but I was entertained. (7) is where I place "classic" worthy titles. It was memorable for years to come, but there are still problems with the narrative or characters. Plot holes or inconsistent tones may cause me to knit-pick an otherwise great anime. (8-9) Outside of personal preferences there isn't much difference between an 8 or 9. They're basically perfect; it's only my likelihood to promote one show over the other. A 9 will pass from my lips with praise more readily than an 8. (10) is akin to a divinity whose name shall never be uttered because to do so would taint its perfection with imperfect words! Suffice to say NOTHING WILL BE RATED 10. 10 is an ideal goal, but not the reality. So long as flaws exist never will one see a 10 on this list!
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