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Japanese practice

Oct 13, 22 at 9:27pm
Anyone study Japanese and want to practice sometime? 私は初心者です、十か月ぐらい日本語を勉強しました、もっと話すの練習したい
Oct 17, 22 at 2:06pm
im currently taking japanese 1 so basics so far. Right about now i finished with hiragana and still mess up the ね れ め ぬ it still trips me out but now im moving towards katakana and damn im trying the flash cards everyday
Oct 17, 22 at 3:23pm
いいね!頑張ってください thats a good way to start off. find some good vocab decks. Also check out wanikani its great for learning kanjis and vocab. Another thing that has been really helpful for me is passive listening. Like jp streams or podcasts. Once you have a foundation of vocab and grammer I would suggest reading the easy nhk articles. they are so good for reading compression and i read them everyday. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/
Dec 02, 22 at 12:18am
I once went to see an anime movie at a theater, and someone sitting behind me using it as an opportunity to practice their Japanese. The amount of cringe that day could not be measured.
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