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MO app gone on android?

Sep 27, 22 at 9:59am
So I had to recently factory reset my phone due to some glitches it was experiencing and upon attempting to re-download some of the apps I had previously I noticed the MO app was no longer on the google play store? It's not the end of the world since I can still use the mobile site, but the app had it's convenience moments and I wouldn't mind being able to get it again.
Yeah I don't see it. I wasn't a fan so I just use browser apps.
Sep 27, 22 at 1:31pm
I didn't know there was an android version. I mean, I bet the performance couldn't be any worse than the desktop version
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Never even knew there was an app. Probably got rid of it due to funding issues
Nov 10, 22 at 1:05pm
Thankfully I still had the app on my old phone and used a program on android called share it to transfer it. The mobile site is fine but I'm glad to have the app so I don't have the address bar taking up screen real estate. XD
Nov 10, 22 at 10:46pm
There’s an app for this side I didn’t even know what is it called
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