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Hello all!

So here's some facts about me: •I'm 32, 5'9, red hair, blue eyes, and 185bs. I'm from the Florida, United States •I'm primarily a meat eater, I also enjoy mushrooms, pizza, politically right leaning, and non religious. I'm also childfree. I'm open minded though. I don't need someone to be the same as long as they're respectful. •I'm pretty introverted. I don't drink at all, use drugs, or party. Also definitely monogamous. •For interests, I really like watching various animes, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, LOTR, pretty much Fantasy/Scifi, video games, 3D printing, history, I have other interests, but we'll get to those is time. •I live with family, I don't mind if you live with family.
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