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Best MaiOtaku Waifu competition!

I thought this might be fun to try! CONTEST ENDS 12-1-21, 11:59pm Eastern U.S. Time. I will go through all the posts and count the votes. The prize is the Title of Best MaiOtaku Waifu and the bragging rights that go with it!!! GIRLS--If you think you should be best waifu, be it because you're a sweet charming DereDere that guys love, a KamiDere who thinks guy should worship you as the goddess you are, a Yandere who will wipe out any other waifus in her way, or any other reason then tell us why you should be the one guys should be pouring out their hearts for! GUYS--Post your vote here for your favorite MaiOtaku female member for best Waifu! The woman of your choice must be a real person who is at least somewhat active here, NOT an anime char, and your waifu choice does NOT have to be someone who posted an official entry here, vote for whoever you think is best. ONE VOTE per person and only people on accounts that existed prior to this contest can vote in order to prevent shenanigans. I've only been here a few weeks myself so tbh I don't know the people here that well yet so ironically I can't be part of my own contest. But I thought it'd be fun to do anyways. Annnnndddd.... GOOOO!!!!!
https://i.redd.it/ngxbsko3rgq71.png Clearly I'm the best waifu. If you want me to get serious, I'm ready to bro down and set up my candidacy campaign. A vote for me is a vote for us, cause after all your no simp.~
I vote Tori
I vote @redhawk Bean_Boi. I hear he can cook
is this a femboy contest now?
Literally any female who responds to my DMs and/or emails without telling me to GTFO is "best waifu" here. They know who they are. Not very many of them around, but anything is better than nothing.
@blissfullforce1818 https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/025/254/Screen_Shot_2018-01-23_at_12.03.20_PM.jpg Super relatable content there.
It's obvious that I'm the best waifu here
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