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Final fantasy

Why is final fantasy a japanese game yet its so British?
Nov 06, 21 at 4:34am
Because it's every Japanese otaku's fantasy to be European. On that note, my father used to say the same thing. Anytime I'd play a Final Fantasy game he'd ask why a Japanese game developer would be so heavily invested in western culture with their character designs. Most of the characters are the furthest removed from the creator's native homeland. To which I'd always respond, "It is a fantasy game. Not a nonfiction historical documentary." He would also go on to say the same about other entertainment I'd watch like anime. "Son, why are all the white people in this show speaking Japanese? None of those busty half naked women look like the Asian women I used to sleep with back in Vietnam." "Dad, this is fiction. The creators don't have to make everyone the same culture or skin color as themselves."
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