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Any UO (Ultima Online) players here?


Just curious if there were any UO players here? I used to play years ago, but quit after OSI jacked up the rates by 30% supposedly to improve customer service only to replace all of the American GMs with people who can't speak English and refused to show up in-game to help with issues. About 4 months ago I started playing on a player-run server, though I still play other things too.

It's too bad OSI was in charge of this great game over the years. It could've been SO much more with good management behind it that ensured it kept up with the times, but instead they let it fall behind graphically and in terms of payment model. In a time when many successful games (LoL and BDO to name a few) use micro transactions instead of monthly payments, they are still adamant about charging $13/month per account. Sure, there is technically a free play option, but it's so ridiculously limited it's not worth it. Added bonus: making the absolute best armor items is PTW on top of this since you NEED Forged Metal of Artifacts to have any realistic hope of enhancing an item with special materials and to make a reforged item you must start with a plain material item. But at least the cost of Forged Metal is fairly cheap so I can live with that if it weren't for the monthly fee. But for all my complaints I still love the game heh.

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