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Any fanart artist or fanfic writers?

I absolutely adore fanfic and fanart! Any artist or authors anyone wanna recommend?
I do some fan-art here is my forum and IG: https://maiotaku.com/topics/40463 https://www.instagram.com/aspiechu
>.> <.< if your interested in tokyo ghoul or one punch man i can hook you up (i know some reeaalllyyyy good lemon works too)
this is my favorite author, her writing is pure poetry (the one punch is my favorite, her tokyo ghoul one isn't too accurate though, but still entertaining) https://www.quotev.com/danskbedstemor/published i write a few myself, and if your interested just dm me ^v^ whats your favorite series? inuyasha?
I write some myself so if you want any I can make it for you! If it's an Anime idk then tell me about it first please
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