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Acheivement And Record Time Addiction


So I've been struggle with this personally for awhile now and wondered if anyone else does?

I know achievement hunting is pretty common (anyone remember the old days of watching Achievement Hunters to figure out how to get one specific one)

The record time not so sure on, more recently (like 3 or 4 months ago) I've been very conscious on keeping track of total playtime I have an any game (not so bad on steam since it records for you) but I've been doing it for non steam games too and I'm assuming it probably is another thing between my OCD and Severe Anxiety mix.

Anyways back to the main subject if anyone else has this problem(s) and have figure out a good way to deal with it any suggestions?


Forgot to add a perfect example is I'm replaying a Visual Novel called Sabbat Of The Witch and I have a screenshot of my total playtime before I started replaying and am planning on doing another one after completing the final route (which I am currently at the very beginning of) and the same is happening with two other titles from the company I have and am planning to replay afterwards (being Senren Banka and Riddle Joker)


It has started to rear its head once again, started playing Zestiria again after quite sometime and am trying to do everything in the game, even knowing to actually get all of them I'd have to beat the gsme 5 times and have some good luck at points.


What killed achievement hunting for me was when more games went to seasonal DLC.

For example, DBZ XenoVerse 2 added trophies 3 years after I 100% it. As much entertainment as I had initially Platinuming the game I felt it was a dick move putting new trophies in to pull players back.

Plus many online games require months of playing with other people which drags out the achievements.

That problem is compounded when servers are shut down forever locking out access to players unlocking it. (White Knight Chronicles)

On a personal note, what really killed trophies for me was having the game "Adventure Time: Let's Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!" hard lock my console on the final level.

Looked it up and everyone playing the PlayStation 3 version had the same issue.

Tried 25 times to work around the glitch, but couldn't do it.

So I just don't care anymore.

PlayStation also changed the way trophies display making it more nonsense to understand.

I jumped from level 16 to 378 one day and I don't know why nor care.

And on a final note, "Let It Die" doesn't have a Platinum trophy after 100% completion which is lame. Many recent titles are doing the same. So what's the point?


That is a lot and yeah for sure between seasonal and locking achievements from being forever non achievable are two big parts I really hate about certain games too for the most part pc wise I personally haven't had many problems on that one for the very least but I remember on my PS3 the Persona Arena games are ones I couldn't really get since by the time I got them (I think 4 years ago) the game was dead and of course none of those could be achieved on bots had to be actual players.

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