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Who owns a PlayStation 5 and how much did it cost ya?

Oops, lemme correct my comment because the way I had worded it, it sounds like you're contradicting yourself. I'll use the facts you corrected me with: "I ain't buying one cause what's on it worth playing? ..... Too many microtransactions and DLC." *Drops $340 into Genshin Impact*
@lord_of_hollows You're countering over a technicality on "PS5 exclusive." My point was Playstation vs Xbox vs PC and what games are exclusive to those individual platforms. Every game I listed (still not sure about Stray) is a PLAYSTATION exclusive. Yeah, you can play some of those games on PS4, which y'know, is still Playstation (but why would you, unless you can't get a PS5, or don't care to upgrade). Timed exclusive counter for games like Forspoken NOT being a Playstation exclusive? Lol ok... it's not coming out to PC until TWO years after it's released on PS5. Technicality, my friend, in an attempt to reinforce your own stance. If you're gonna say a PS5 is pointless cuz you can technically play the same game on a PS3, then I guess PC's are equally pointless, right? I mean, why upgrade to a higher end GPU/CPU when the same game can technically run on a potato PC? In fact, why does anyone watch shows and movies on a 4K TV with HDR when they can watch the exact same movie on DVD on their 720p TV? Literally NO POINT in getting a 4K HDR TV since DVD's play the same movie! Only thing I do agree with that you mentioned is... you're right, why do you even have a PS5 since it's a pointless system for you to have? You should sell yours to Panda, I know he wouldn't mind having it.
As for PS5 games being held back by being released on PS4 as well, I used to think that same thing. However, games like Horizon 2 clearly show they're not being held back by also releasing it as a PS4 game (which obviously will look and run like crap). Also, if we think of PC games, it's common ground. Developers are always "forced" to make their games to also be able to run on lower end PC's. The way I look at it now is developers are probably making their games on lower end hardware (PS4, lower end PCs) then juicing them up with 4K 60fps and maybe some extra effects for some razzle dazzle... or they're developing them exclusively on next gen hardware (PS5, higher end PCs) then gutting them to "run" on inferior specs... Cyberpunk 2077 anyone? I'd guess the games that truly look next gen on appropriate hardware are the games that were designed first to run on that platform, rather than last gen being upgraded to look nicer. As for the PS4 controllers being sold out, it's strange af. Even PS4 Pro's are selling for way more than they should be. I sold mine to a local gaming store for $200. When they told me they'd give me that much, I was like "Huh? I mean yeah, that's RIGHT you'll give me 2 Benjamins!" Also, wouldn't PS5 controllers being available when the console isn't simply due to the fact that there's probably like 4 times more controllers manufactured than consoles? And the primary reason for PS5's being perpetually sold out is the shortages of chips that go in them... Something that isn't the case with the controllers.
@bob_loblaw I appreciate the correction. I don't want people believing I spent 660 dollars more than I needed to. As to my stance on not buying a PS5, it's rooted in my loathing of Genshin Impact's monetization that has burned me out on future titles. At this point I can't find interest in playing much outside the games I've owned for years. I also agree that I don't dump money in the latest TV or sound systems. My computer is from over 5 years ago and I only got a new phone because the other one I had wasn't working like I needed it. I had a flip phone until 2017. So believe it or not I am actually quite frugal.
Bro I saved the PS direct link for the digital PS5 in case one day I can afford one I will click that link 20 times a day to check on restocks
I tried the 120fps mode in DMC5 and I wasn't impressed. At all. It looked different with the drop in resolution, but it didn't feel much different than the normal 60fps. And there's only like 4 games on PS5 that even have 120fps mode. It's basically a useless function. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's cuz I wear glasses. But I can't really notice a difference in fps over 60. Even when I placed AC Valhalla on my PC and was getting 80-90fps, it just felt like 60fps to me.
I just think our brains cant process that shit. Like when 4k TV's first cane out and people were watching movies like 300 on 4k it just seemed like a more clearer picture but now that 5k is around i honestly dont see the difference. Maybe after prolonged exposure we will notice if we go back to the lower frame rate. Like ps3 graphics in this age you can tell the difference but back then it was cutting edge.
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