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Creepy things you remember in video games

https://youtu.be/5kkDsmZ9Vxs Now that I'm older I never realize how creepy Mario's death animations are in Mario 64. None of the other Mario games even come close. Especially the drowning, electrocution, and the infamous hazy maze cave gas death at 2:25 Mario coughs then dies and gets convulsions and twitches in death. And this is a rated E game sheesh.
Reminds me of the death animations in crash bandicoot
I remember being a kid and playing Ecco the Dolphin and then all of a sudden this abomination shows up. https://vice-images.vice.com/images/content-images/2015/10/27/there-must-be-something-in-the-water-my-nightmare-of-ecco-the-dolphin-325-body-image-1445953094.png
Just everything about McDonald's Treasure land adventure is creepy and weird. here is an easter egg in the game https://youtu.be/BvGC5dJg3E8 and also a little video I made about it back when I was stupid enough to try youtube. https://youtu.be/uB5Ip10rcIU ain't posting it to promote myself, just showing it since it does a good job of showing how I feel about the game. (ps don't subscribe since I don't make videos or have them up public anymore)
Majora's Mask. It's hard to forget the creepy statues you could make with the Elegy of Emptiness. https://youtu.be/upjTEuQ_RCk
This...Was from Animal Crossing original. I'd be scared if this happened to me.
I played Conker's Bad Fur day as a kid on the N64. Still one of my favorite video games. I still remember that the zombie section used to creep me the fuck outta me as a kid Lol https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cNnsYw25qig/maxresdefault.jpg
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