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movie nights friend date?


long story i had brain cancer. lost most if not all memory. i lost somebody i cared about more than life itself. i been single a long time id like to date but i have no real confidence so im wondering if any females might wanna watch movies over discord (nothing pervy) just anime i have tons of it your choice while i live in cali usa i dont mind if you are far away. im trying to worrk on social skills cuz i have NONE. i have no friends irl and cant go out much as im injured while i am looking to date id be more than happy to make a friend i can talk to on the regular. i live in cali moving to or so if u live there and we hit it off or if u can travel we can meet irl to im pretty accommodating.

if you wanna date i dont have many pref i like all types
i just ask
1: be honest and upfront
2: dont be greedy or rude
3: dont lie to me especially about dumb stuff as if you lie about things that dont matter you will about things that do.
4: be born a fem. (no exceptions) im not gay its not up for discussion

however man woman (other) are welcome to pm me for a movie here and there if you wish. id pref to do it later at night (after 5pm cali time)

if you want a honest guy who will treat you awesome or just a polite friend that will be there for you when you need thats me.
but i dont play games, i dont like to make stuff up. i am disabled mostly blind back injurys brain dmg from cancer. so sometimes im sleepy or depressed im trying to fix that but with no irl friends thats where you come in =D

currently in cali moving to OR in a few months
like all anime
not perverted like most
i do wanna date but im not pushy
im not picky

i have pref such as i like girls with long hair
18-30 (i care nothing about age) its really more of who you are on the inside to me
i dont much care about looks or weight tho id pref slightly chubby girls to skinny i worry i might break u if i hug you.
im very social lacking.
i dont like to talk id pref to type tho i have head phones and u can talk if you want
i have discord
i have 15 tb of anime (and another 10 of other things )
lastly pls do not smoke, heavy drink, have kids, or be a druggy as i dont need that stuff dragging my life down (and im allergic to it ) for online not a huge deal but if you wanna date its just a thing. + im just not good w or around kids
im mostly house broken and promise not to pee on your shoe (prolly)

hmu =D

lastly pls pm me as i dont remember to check forums and give me a few days to reply as im moving stuff. im not sure if anybody will even read this but i figured id give a shot so friend me and hmu i'll reply more often if i get any takers

guys(men) if u wanna just chat or virtual hang as long as your not totally disgusting and rude i can handle it(if your gay or trans i dont discriminate unless your dishonest about who/what you are) basically anybody is welcome as a friend but im lookng for a partner in crime and id pref they like anime, or video games or both as im tired of being told my past time is stupid.

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