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Hey, Just a warning/head's up/reminder to all the guys here.
I've run into 2 catfish (Possibly the same person) within this week alone who are using people's pictures that don't belong to them, and then asking for help in the form of money while saying they have no where else to turn. I know a lot of the guy's here are kind hearted souls who fall for girls hard, and fast. Lucky for me I'm an emotionless robot so I can pass along this word of caution. If for some reason you just have to help someone asking for money that you've never met... At least ask them to get into a video call first so you can at least verify they are even being honest about that much. If they refuse, and try to gaslight you for asking after they asked to borrow money then it's a red flag that should set off even the dullest of common sense.

Apr 09, 21 at 8:32am

wouldnt ever catch me falling for that lmao.


I really can't imagine how people fall for those.


Only boomers do actually give them money


you gotta have money in the first place to give it to scammers amirite

Apr 09, 21 at 2:35pm

Welcome to the internet kiddos


Play the reverse uno card on them, say you're a Nigerian prince.

Apr 09, 21 at 3:21pm

I'm actually from the Congo. Tank u very much


On a more serious note:
Please report these accounts to a moderator
and provide screenshots as well


I kinda want to see screenshots of other peoples stories/encounters. You know, pretending to be scammed or catfished. See what these strangers go

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