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Cub Con 2021


I wish had prepared for this con. I'd have gone. Anyone already planned to go?

Feb 19, 21 at 8:07am

There are conventions this year while i can't even get a haircut or meet with two friends? xD


There's actually a 10% chance that AnimeNorth might happen this year and around a 30% chance that FanExpoCanada might happen this year. But even if they do happen this year then they won't be in the same unrestrained format that I'd want them to be.
So yeah, I'm tempted to skip cons in 2021 as well. The fact that the only 2 vaccine brands which are authorized in Canada right now are Pfizer and Moderna isn't helping me at all. I'm not injecting that shit. I love my DNA a lot and don't want to change it. I'd rather wait around for a chance to get either Astrazeneca or Sputnik-V.

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