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THPS Rodney Mullen


Tony Hawk Pro Skater drops later today, and I look at the timer on my pre-order of the game like it's a count down for a bomb... only instead of a bomb explosion, it's an explosion in my pants.

So then there's Rodney Mullen, the greatest flatland skateboarder of all time, and his stats in the game better reflect that!

-Won his 1st championship at the age of 14
-Over the next 10 years, he won 34 out of 35 freestyle contests
-Is credited with inventing over 30 skateboard tricks, including the ollie

When you see other pro skaters doing freestyle and flatland, you make statements like "Cool trick." But when you see Mullen, you ask questions... How tf did he do that? Did I just see that correctly? How is that possible?

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