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Aug 03, 20 at 1:12pm

Romanian girl here ;) anyone else from my country ?

Sparkie @sparkis commented on Hi!
Aug 03, 20 at 1:38pm

Aah I am myself from Lithuania, but there are alot of users from other Balkan countries here ^^


Ah yes I know two Romanians.

fedup @fedup commented on Hi!
Aug 11, 20 at 5:06pm

Met a Romanian. She was gorgeous.

Aug 11, 20 at 5:47pm

No, but my AK is from Romania. And I think darknessanger is from Romania.

Aug 11, 20 at 5:49pm

That’s what’s up, welcome!


I had a crush on a half-British half-Romanian from 2006 to 2011. She almost got to the point of visiting me in Canada. Almost. But at the last moment things didn't work out and I guess it was for the best. I found better matches since. The only thing I lack is the charm and the luck.

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