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How. Tf. Do. I. Reply. To. People.

sobo275 @sobo275 commented on How???
Aug 02, 20 at 3:19am

Shit, I’ve been trying to figure that out myself. However I believe you just type in the @ at the end of someone’s name. Like mine would be @sobo275 (I believe)

Aug 02, 20 at 3:26am

Okay this is what you have to do, you need to validate tour phone number but it only works of you have an American number. If you don't, then use this sms site, use the American number and validate the number, you'll get a message on this site which will give your validation code. Once you've validated, you can reply to people and you don't have to do the Annoying CAPTCHA. This is the site: https://receive-smss.com/

Lamby @momoichi commented on How???
Aug 02, 20 at 3:33am

i had trouble with this too, but I think its something that's auto enabled when youv made so many posts

cant confirm though, been ages

sobo275 @sobo275 commented on How???
Aug 02, 20 at 3:40am

So I take it he’s having problems responding in a thread then? I didn’t have that issue at all.

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