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Adding anime to database

So I've added quite a few over the years, and every time, I notice that it will not let you add cover art that is related to the anime even though there is a file upload option for a picture. Do the pictures have a file size requirement? I always get an error when trying to upload if I end up attempting to add a cover picture along with the title and synopsis. ~~That's an error good buddy. Sorry, there was an error. Go to the homepage. Does this happen often? Try the contact page.~~ If file size is the main issue, I highly suggest that something be posted next to the upload button so people know the right picture size to add. :) EDIT: I also just noticed that if you try and edit something that you just added into the database, there isn't an option to add in a photo as well. This too, would be a pretty neat feature. Basically if you add an anime into the database without adding a picture, there's no possible way to edit one in at the moment.
Still relevant a year later, I can't figure out how to upload a picture without it giving me: 413 request entity too large nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu) Or if I resize the file to anything under 1mb, I get the error in my above post. :( Sad Panda :(
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