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What are your thoughts on having appointments with these people?

IMHO, they are wasteful because I cannot understand the whole point of using them. If I did, I have difficulties understanding their words.

I prefer music and other therapeutic methods than talking to those kinds of people.


They would send me straight to the psychiatry.


Therapy has been helpful for me. I had to shop around for doctors before I found one I liked.


Therapy can be good for those that desperately need it, because a lot of the time there aren't safe spaces that folks can talk to someone honestly about things they normally wouldn't. If you try, you will immediately notice if you are closed off to others to which can be scary and frustrating. Personally, I have a strong distaste for people and trust issues. I will never and have never confided with someone else. I just drink, smoke, or sweat the pain out which is a little unhealthy.


To be honest I don't even know how this works, I only know it from american movies where you lie on a bed and some dude talks to you. Years ago when my father died I was still in school and me and my mom had the chance to get some sessions with a therapist ... but the next session was almost one year later. Like wtf, very helpful to get someone out of a depression. I learned to accept myself and my mom did too, we went through this together and didn't need a therapist.

I don't know, it probably can be helpful, but I'm not really willing to pay money for this stuff after going through bad times on my own. It's already incredibly helpful to have someone talking to you, so you could easily do that online if you don't have family or friends irl :)


I pay $118 for a 5 minute phone conversation to get my prescription refilled every month.
( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)

Karna @hiretsunaotaku commented on Therapist/Counselor/Psychologist
Karna @hiretsunaotaku
Jun 29, 20 at 4:46am


Karna @hiretsunaotaku commented on Therapist/Counselor/Psychologist
Karna @hiretsunaotaku
Jun 29, 20 at 4:49am

I personally find them to be helpful, especially my career counselor, who helped me when I was unable to decide which stream to follow

Jun 29, 20 at 4:53am

How the heck does that work? Can you cut it down to 2 minutes so it’s cheaper?


I regard them as a waste of time if the person is smug about themselves and refuses to change. (Such as myself! :P )
They're only useful for the people who actually desire to change themselves but don't know how.

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