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Favorite Music Genres


Mine are mostly video game music for concentration on tasks and jobs as well as to fit with certain moods I feel at certain times. Music with lyrics is best preferred when off-duty. Since 2014, I've been studying Japanese and still learning slowly without quitting while hoping to even listen to Japanese music, including anime OP/ED, Vocaloid, traditional and top hits.

EDIT: I tried to get into typical vocal music starting with what my mother had on her car stereo mostly Oldies and Soft Rock, followed by my big sister having mostly Funk & Soul and others having American country or bluegrass on theirs. Most were about romance. Especially nowadays, I cannot enjoy most vocal music unless if it's obscure but good to people in my area.


Metal baby


• Alternative metal
• Melodic metalcore
• Symphonic metal
• Trance metal
• Old School Rap from 80s & 90s
• Hip-Hop
• Trance
• Electronica
• J-pop
• J-rock / J-metal
• Visual kei
• K-pop
• Anime / Gaming OSTs
• AMVs= Anime Music Videos / MEPs = Multi-Editor Projects
• Youtube musicians and vocalists


Power metal
Hard rock
Hip Hop from one band
Pop that is nostalgic
Vocaloid songs that are actually good


visual kei , kpop , bemani , dubstep

Jun 28, 20 at 5:08pm

My music taste depends on my hobbies at the time but for most of my life I avoided Western music.
-1st I liked Jpop
-Then Visual Kei/Jrock around 15yo
-Then I moved into Vocaloid as an older teen
-Then Kpop for a few years
-And now I listen to Indie shit because video games introduced me to a lot of songs and artist.


Hip-hop and metal have been my 2 favorite genres for a long long time, but pretty much all i listen to now on the daily is hip-hop.


Definitely midwestern emo, hip hop, and shoegaze

Jun 28, 20 at 10:42pm

Trip hop, psychedelic trap, experimental Pop, breakcore, dub reggae, math rock, DSBM, ambient, post punk (no Joy Division shit), shoegaze, noise punk, harsh noise, more but these top.

Jun 28, 20 at 10:43pm


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