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Is RWBY worth it?


I remember back in the day when rooster teeth was thriving that this show became a big success amongst American anime series, the CGI has always put me off and I never have given it a serious chance.

Some people have insisted a big deal on making me watch it, saying I'm missing out on something great, so I wanted to know external opinions, hopefully from other people who are more objective on the show, is it worth watching at all?

Jun 18, 20 at 11:44am

The story feels half baked at the beginning, the CGI will grow on you over time (hopefully the plot does as well) and the voices? Well I feel like you need to be a fan of them in general before touching on the series. It’s like a Single A production and the fight scenes are what drew the initial crowd in.

Give the first season a chance, at the least to satisfy others. I barely remember what I watched and it felt like I had to stomach the dialogue just for the music and battle scenes.

Jun 18, 20 at 11:51am


Jun 18, 20 at 1:45pm

Some of the plot is a little hard to follow, but the fight scenes and soundtrack are pretty good. The VAs are really good to.

Jun 20, 20 at 3:58pm

It's only good up until volume 3, with returning sparks in the latest volume 7. The series became a shell of itself and lost all it's potential after the creator died with average writing/dialogue that makes you facepalm at times and lower quality fights

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