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Love Live! series!


Is anyone here into Love Live or any other idol anime like Idolm@ster or 22/7!! I'd love to make some idol friends! c: Also BanG Dream if that counts!

My favorites are:

Love Live: Ruby, Yoshiko, Chika Umi, Eli, Honoka, Nico

Idolm@ster: Kirari, Ranko, Frederica, Shiki

Zeringrin @mistakes_0 commented on Love Live! series!
Zeringrin @mistakes_0
Jun 08, 20 at 6:37pm
This account has been suspended.

Does barely anyone really like this series?

^-^ @charlie_xoxo commented on Love Live! series!
^-^ @charlie_xoxo
Jun 08, 20 at 11:26pm

I used to love love live I even cosplayed Nico


I'm planning on cosplaying as several characters in the series very soon!!

Jun 09, 20 at 1:09am

I found love live before the anime came out.. specifically found the snow halation PV lol. Always been a Maki fan. Also sunshine was meh.. ruby is at least a good girl tho :3
Also I played the gacha for a while on the jap servers when that was fairly new


I prefer Zombieland Saga personally. Way more metal haha!

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