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Foreign movies

Jun 01, 20 at 10:08pm
Anyone watch Korean movies?and if so what would you recommend.
Jun 01, 20 at 10:09pm
@vintrixs the man from nowhere is good
Jun 01, 20 at 10:10pm
I'll have to check it out have you seen Running Wild?
Jun 01, 20 at 10:12pm
I still haven’t, I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while tho I will have to check it out
I was binging Korean movies last year and these are the ones I really enjoyed: Joint Security Area, Memories of Murder, The Wailing, Parasite, The Chaser, Old Boy, New World (2013), A Bitter Sweet Life, The Attorney, Failan (2001), Thirst and A Taxi Driver (2017). I Saw The Devil was also interesting but pretty dark. Also any movie with Dong-seok Ma since that dude is awesome.
Jun 01, 20 at 10:34pm
Train to Busan is one of the best zombie movies I have ever seen.
Jun 02, 20 at 12:25pm
Train to Busan has a sequel coming out and i can't wait to see it also @Avenger-senpai I've seen some of those but will check them out again but damn old boy was tough that movie really got me it was insane sadly the american reboot wasn't even close
Jun 02, 20 at 12:26pm
Train to busans getting a sequel??? Holy shiiiiiiiiiit
Jun 02, 20 at 12:29pm
Yeah it takes place sometime after the events of the first movie heres a link to the trailer https://youtu.be/xhNwhL58c9E
I watched a jaoanese movie i forgot the name but it was about an ugly girl who had no friends that made friends with a good looking girl who didnt have any friends either. One of their classmates were missing and it turns out this good looking girl kidnapped her and was hiding her in the teacher's house who had a crusu on the girl. But this good looking girl was super jealous so when the ugly girl would tell her she loves certain things (like pet bird) the other girl would try to get rid of them.
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