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Future of Berserk

Anybody else worried about the current story direction of Berserk? Ever since chapter 360 came out and left me not so satisfied, I'm afaird that Miura might screw up the next arc (which I really hope he doesn't). I appreciate the growth Miura gives Schierke, but it makes me feel like all the Idolmaster games have gotten to his head. Anyway I'm still happy that we're getting a new chapter that doesn't take a year :)
May 23, 20 at 4:29pm
Well, If you look the first chapters and compare them to the last ones, it definitely looks weird the contrast of how things have changed, but if you take the story as a whole, I don't think the changes have been that "forced", if that's the correct word for this, so I can't complain. Anyways, it's not like the story is going to end in our lifespan lel
May 24, 20 at 12:14am
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I think I am fine with the way the story is going. It is in NO way the same as when it first started. But I feel like maybe the next arc will move us back towards the original feeling. More dark fantasy, less light fantasy. The real questions is will we ever actually see the ending? XD
True ending revealed! https://64.media.tumblr.com/c60fe187ce50d8795f06b9cb67d3f800/491ae49dc0fbd0f4-ab/s1280x1920/9eba8f7bf66a0ea2fdf05d3a1dfbb4bea5390c31.jpg
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