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Sword Art Online New Season


is anyone here also waiting on the new SAO season? say what you will I think it's a great story.


lol... Yes it's still being continued.

I do like the original series and most of the arcs. But the latest one, not so much...

I'm still going to watch it. But I cringe a LOT. The BS is thick.


Yes it really is that's why I fell off after watching the movie thinking it was over and I think about starting alicization series as well though I'll have to rewatch the whole series before going into it cause Im weird like that.


I am about to start season 3 mwahahahaha


Kinda stopped watching after the movie since didnt really like stuff after first sesone anyway. First sesone was amazing but then it kinda just got down down. But prob gonna watch new sesones sooner or later


Only character I cared about.

<3 sinon


yes!!! all of the yes!!! i fucking cant wait!! XD

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