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Last of us part 2 *SPOILER ALERT*


So has anyone heard about the last of us leaks? Pretty crazy stuff huh? Im probably never gonna buy the game now. They fucking pulled a negan for the villain of the story. And then added all this unneeded bs like transgender super buff she-hulks and lesbian couples in a game about zombies. Plus you arent even playing as joel so like wtf. Ellie is great and all but i need to play as joel thats what part 1 was about. I already wasnt gonna buy the game cuz they decided to drop multiplayer in place for the story which was bad anyway. This just sealed the deal


Honestlysurprised naughty dog decided to add this whole WOKE approach in last of us considering EA did that with battlefield and it tanked so hard they stopped running the servers for the game.

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