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Favourite anime + manga


Looking for some new anime + manga to watch and read watched lots of different anime but just started reading manga and id like to know whats your favourite or many favourites
My favourite anime at the moment is clannad after story and Re:zero.


If you're liking Megalo Box you should check out Hajime no Ippo (even better imo). Kanon (2006) is pretty good and it's similar to Clannad. Mononoke, Ghost Hunt, Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou are some great Supernatural anime. You might also enjoy Log Horizon (game anime like Overlord/SAO) and Darker than Black (action with some superpowers).

Oh yea there's also the viking anime Vinland Saga and Berserk (the 90s tv adaptation). For the best experience of Berserk you should definitely check out the manga.


One Piece hands down.

If you want to start the manga, try reading at least 15 or so chapters in a day as it is easy to read a manga fast when I can just read any chapter for less than 7 minutes every week. The pacing is just right in the manga for most, if not all arcs.

For the anime, that will be a hard one. Maybe watch at least 4-8 episodes a day. I will warn that while the presentation and soundtrack can be good, the pacing can be sometimes too stretched compared to the manga. And there are some filler arcs, well few if you do not mind them. But arguably less compared to Naruto and especially Bleach.

Whichever way you start, the East Blue starts off kind of slow and introduce some of the major crew members. But it picks up after the Arlong Parl Arc, only getting better from there. Of course the timeskip would be even more excellent, but you will see that after 660 chapters for the manga and 523 episodes for the anime. Whichever works the best for you.


(Dude! I love One Piece too!)
One Piece and Fate Franchise.

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