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Anime California

Nov 16, 14 at 7:50pm

i wanna meet other people that like anime aha well obviously X)

Jul 09, 15 at 11:05pm

You socal folks so lucky... the closest anime convention to me ...
is Yaoi con of all things ... nothing against BL folks ...

and ironically only 1 mile from my work place too _ - _

Nov 28, 15 at 12:37pm

Is there anybody out there :o


i know there is a minecraft convention in california not far from la

combatd commented on Anime California
Jan 04, 16 at 1:12am

I live close by, so I'm really considering going. :)

Helly commented on Anime California
Jan 10, 16 at 5:23pm

Hi, I'm new to all this stuff... Don't know anything about conventions, but really want to go and meet people of my kind. Can you guys give any advice?

May 27, 16 at 3:49pm

Fanime san jose im red ranger hope to see you there

Jul 08, 16 at 10:47pm

I'm going
its 50$ through July 31st
I will be Glaceon from Pokemon

Cat ✦ commented on Anime California
Jul 14, 16 at 9:47am

Gunna go as well~ Anyone going to go cosplay?

Jul 25, 16 at 8:09pm

I might go. Went last year and they moved locations for 2016.

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