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Anime Midwest


I really wish i could go, but I'm 9 hours away from this. Plus i doubt I'll get to go to any cons this year.


Anyone know if there will be TGM cabs at Anime MW this year and if there will be Smash Melee/other tournaments?
Right now the site's info is pretty vague. :c


I don't know about Tgm cabs but they will have a smash 4 tournament


What about Melee?
I don't play comp Smash 4

May 20, 18 at 4:44pm

Anyone want to have a meetup? This will be my second convention, the first one I went with some friends but I'd like to have a chance to meet some new people too.

May 21, 18 at 1:04am

I'm with you @sjh2005! It will just be my first convention and I would like to meet new people and make new friends, too. ^_^

May 21, 18 at 2:01pm

Cool, I wonder if we can make a seperate group chat for people who want to meet up.

May 21, 18 at 2:43pm

Go for it @sjh2005. I think this thread was started from a previous Anime Midwest convention.

May 21, 18 at 3:19pm

Happen to know how I would go about doing that? Not seeing any options for Chat allowing separate groups to be formed.

May 06, 19 at 1:54pm

Fuck yeah! Count me in bois!

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