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Anime Midwest

Jul 14, 16 at 10:03pm

I was there this past weekend, and it was amazing! There was an incredible amount to see and do, never a boring moment. I think the attendee total was around 11 or 12k. I was Eto from Tokyo Ghoul on Friday and Doll from Black Butler on Saturday.

Jul 16, 16 at 1:53am

Yea I was there too, I went a rick from rick and morty, and as a pokemon trainer with my raichu and ivysoar.

Cero @cero commented on Anime Midwest
Jul 16, 16 at 3:58am
This account has been suspended.
Jul 18, 16 at 10:24pm

Went as Roronoa Zoro. Still feeling the aches from raving all night haha

Dec 29, 16 at 10:57pm

amw its my favorite con ~ i hope i can go this year!


I'm planning on going this year! So excited already~

Apr 04, 17 at 3:18pm

I will be attending this year:)

Apr 15, 17 at 8:29pm

im trying to put up some money to go there from KY


I loved.it ahaait was my firsto ever :3 next is con alt del woo

Jan 08, 18 at 10:55pm

Looking to meet friends! Acen and Midwest goers for 2018!! CAD was awesome last year too! :)

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