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Anyone else missing conventions?


2 cons which I attend every year have been cancelled this year as well. I was supposed to debut my third cosplay in 2020. But now I can't and it's just uselessly laying in my closet.
Furthermore, I'm missing out on a lot because the cons were my only method of mingling and interacting with cosplayer girls face-to-face.
(I never waste my time at the normie pubs, nor will I ever.)
Now I'm only confined to online messaging and nothing else.
So it was so pointless of people to make toasts on New Year's Eve in 2019 saying: "Here's to you finally finding a real girlfriend in 2020!".
It's just not going to happen this year at this point, for sure.
In the previous years at least I could make attempts, even if I still turned out empty-handed. This year it's like I'm living in hand-cuffs on a remote island.


Convention would be nice. Really boring my life is at the moment. This fucking virus has restricted a lot of fun for me....

Aug 29, 20 at 1:49pm



I've normally gone to Momocon and Anime Weekend ATL, but CoosaCon(a new one, for me) has rescheduled from earlier this year to Nov. 7th. I'm fully aware that this could be a BAD idea. I mean, come on. Hundreds to thousands of people walking around in a place that could very well be an absolute breeding ground for the "thing", especially with Kawaii Savage's comment on hygiene that some people may neglect when going to a con(however, I'm willing to believe that some people may have certain conditions, despite their own efforts to exhibit basic hygiene beforehand, e.g. they may sweat more than the average person.).


i usually hit my local shows, Katsu, Ota, and AUSA (of course I was a founder of AUSA I feel an obligation to try to get to this one) but hell thanks to being on probation I've missed going to conventions for the last 6 years :(

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