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Anyone else missing conventions?


Never really went \_(:/)_/


In my opinion your not missing much. Overcrowded as fuck, some weebs don't know what deodorant is, like goddamn! Overprized shit and feet hurt from walking all day long.


Yup I went to only two. Youmacon and one In Indianapolis, didn’t have too much fun. I’d go again, but it’s not something I’m going to mark on my calendar

Tiki @tiddy commented on Anyone else missing conventions?
Tiki @tiddy
Aug 24, 20 at 3:22pm

I've been cosplaying hardcore for over 10 years. I'm so glad rona got me out of all the cos plans for this year.


Never been wanna go though


The only reason I would go again is to visit the hentai section. I'm curious what's in there


God I couldn’t imagine walking in there


I do miss them, had AX planned for this year got cancelled, SacAnime was on the list and that got cancelled.


I haven't gone to one yet... A small one like 5 years ago. But it's still on my list to experience one and cosplay lol

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