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Find a gf or bf


I'm being a realist if you look at the numbers the odds are very and I mean very slim

Apr 21, 20 at 1:19am

Nah, just walk up to a girl in person and talk to her. Pretty E.Z. Odds are in your favor with the amount of girls out there. Or guys if that's what you prefer.


It's not that hard, try to make more friends which can introduce you to their female friends and you go on a date find out if it clicks, sometimes you need a few dates, sometimes it's love on the first look, sometimes you find out she Jabba the Hutt so you yeet and retreat. I had scenario 3 F.


i feel like no girls will see this

m39 @m39 commented on Find a gf or bf
Apr 21, 20 at 11:01am

>So statistically speaking our probability is very and I mean very slim



thats what i thought



Because people are becoming obsessed with accuracy and caution on choosing whether to love the best girl or be single due to various reasons. If marriage is proposed, they'll decide on having a wedding, elopement or neither.


i feel old and im only 17, best not to try right and just wait

Apr 24, 20 at 10:31pm

lf dom that’s cute irl

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