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Quelling boredom.

+ @geraltsw commented on Quelling boredom.
+ @geraltsw
Dec 31, 19 at 11:06am
This account has been suspended.

My lockscreen and my background :333

Jan 01, 20 at 3:42pm

Jan 01, 20 at 3:44pm

Jan 09, 20 at 2:43am


Jan 09, 20 at 6:15am

oh shizz iv been to buffalo a few times

its......... nice?

it has great food, thats for sure

whenever iv been we always get sponge candy at platters

i remember last time i visited there were a shit ton of black squirrels by niagara falls xD (my moms friend swears he once fished up a mutant fish in those waters)

fuck i wanna visit sometime

Jan 09, 20 at 6:19am

oohh yeah i had the best pizza there too

cant remember what it was called, jacks or jax?

buffalo style pizza is the best there is

foight me

Jan 09, 20 at 7:01am

Interesting, the most I ever pulled out the water was a dead turtle but then agian I've never gone fishing.

As for the pizza, its hit or miss depending on where you go. I'm more of a buffalo wing guy myself but to each there own.

As for visiting, wouldn't be able to tell you. The combination of living here and being antisocial makes me about the worst person to ask. All I can really tell you is plan out when there doing one of there many festivals type things.

Jan 15, 20 at 2:46am

So does anyone intentionally watch shitty anime, or is that just me.

Feb 08, 20 at 7:21am

Boredom, so much boredom.

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