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Tired of boys? Come hang with the girls!


So how many of the girls has toshi molested yet?

aho girl
Feb 27, 19 at 8:47am

@Audio Too far. Way too far.


@audio none, how many have you molested?


May I come in? I promise to keep trolling at a minimum. I won't troll everyday, just you know, every other day


I apologize. It's just easy to assume ulterior motives in these situations.

aho girl
Feb 27, 19 at 12:21pm

@Audio There really is no ulterior motive. All of who us joined just want more friends who are girls.

Feb 27, 19 at 12:25pm

Toshi is lewd but she’s not a real perv. She loyal when she loves and just friendly.

Lowkey this server is just a harem for her tho, she the Mac Mommy of MO


Okay then, guess Toshi is more subtle in her hunting.


Not gonna lie, the following two comments
- kitchen discord server and the
-NBA=Nothing But assholes

Made me have a nice laugh. Savage level 100


Yeah that shit was pretty funny hahaha

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