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Jan 21, 19 at 4:46pm

I have a Rabit, my names Fruitageous on there as well. I'm currently watching a lot of the current animes, but willing to watch different ones with other people. I can use my Crunchyroll account to watch the latest episodes on there. Anyone that wants to hit me up on it, feel free to msg me, add me on rabit, or we can schedule a meet-up to watch things.

ahoge commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Jan 21, 19 at 4:47pm

*Raises hand to accept Fruitageous's offer*.

Jan 21, 19 at 4:52pm

Sugoi! What anime would you like to watch young miss.

ahoge commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Jan 21, 19 at 4:54pm

@Fruitageous What's on your to watch list?

Jan 21, 19 at 5:00pm

You be watching Mob Psycho or Reincarnated into Slime? I was about to watch the current episodes out today for that. My other ones include Boogiepop, Kakegurui, The Promised Neverland, and Rising of Shield Hero. Im totally open though to watch whatever if suggested otherwise. My favorite genres are Action, Romance, Mystery, sci-fi, horror, etc. I like a lot as long as the anime has plot *winky face*. WELL I like both kinds of plot xD. ANYWAYS, feel free to suggest!

EDIT: Oops, forgot to add Comedy in there.

Neverland commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Mar 02, 19 at 8:26am

Wondering if anymore people are interested in this.. hmm..

Mar 02, 19 at 10:21am

Is it possible, to use this to listen to the MO Podcast in a group session?

Mar 02, 19 at 10:33am

Rabbit has been fantastic for viewing with MO pals, I'm always down to host some stuff on weekends.

It is totally possible to view that with some people over rabbit, you should set up a time and let people know!

Mar 02, 19 at 10:34am

Thanks for letting me know! Really appreciate it!

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