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Florida Anime Fans

Mar 15, 19 at 4:55am

Wow this thread is dead. I just recently moved to Florida though and am looking for friends. If anyone is interested hmu

Mar 17, 19 at 6:37pm

Miami resident over here if anyone wants a friend/acquaintance/etc in the area


Just bumping to see if we have any newer Florida people that may not have seen this thread.

Aug 23, 19 at 6:08pm

i was born and raised in tampa bay

live in virginia now but i visit every so often


Looks like this thread fell far behind. I haven't really been active here either but might as well give it a bump and see if we have any new Florida weebs around.

billie93[M.o.B] @billie93 commented on Florida Anime Fans
billie93[M.o.B] @billie93
May 01, 20 at 6:42pm

I live in Florida.

May 01, 20 at 9:51pm

I was born in Florida, but I live in New Jersey at the moment.

May 02, 20 at 1:55am

Tallahassee been and raised. Hmu.


Central Florida gal here!

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