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Stray Sheep bar


Welcome to the Stray Sheep bar!

With Valentine's around the corner I figured it would suit the occasion to recreate the very bar where relationships are found and lives are destroyed haha!

So, what will you be having this evening? Scotch, bourbon, beer or all three?

Feel free to use the jukebox to play some tunes fitting the mood.

Just relax, kick back and enjoy the season with friends, lovers, or being a loner! All are welcome here at Stray Sheep hohoho!


Answer these questions to the best of your abilities! I am curious to know more about my patrons hehe...

1.Does life begin or end at marriage?

-It begins.
-It ends.

2. Do you prefer being in quiet or loud places?

-Bring in the noise!
-I like it quiet.

3. Which is a better life?

-Long and dull.
-Short and full.

4. Is it ok to live with your partner without ever intending to marry them?

-Not a chance.
-Yes indeed!

5. Do you prefer to stand out from the crowd or fit in?

-Fit in.
-Stand out.

6. Which makes you more nervous?

-Being alone.
-Being with others.

7. Do you prefer an older or younger partner?


8. Does your job always come first?


8. Is romance annoying?

-I hate it.
-I wuv it!

9. Do you like the words “world domination”?

-This is stupid!

10. You must kiss one of these.

-An alien
-A beautiful corpse

11.Who would be responsible if you cheated?

-It’d be my fault.
-The person I cheat with.

12. Are you a pervert?

-I don’t think so.
-No use denying it.

13. Which is more like “paradise”?

-A beautiful countryside.
-Somewhere I can get a drink.

14. Do you talk back to the TV?

-No way!

15. Are all men stupid?

-Not all men…
-That’s right.

16. What do you think of actors in sex scenes?

-It’s just a job.

17. Have you ever gotten a bloody nose from excitement?


18. Which is more “cheating”?

-An emotional tryst.
-A physical fling.

19. Is popping bubble wrap fun?

-Hell yes!
-What a waste!

20. Which of the following would you bring to a deserted island?

-A piano
-A compass

21. Could you have sex with an attractive ghost?

-I’m not picky
-No ghosts, please

22.Has being embarrassed ever turned you on?


23. Can money buy you love?


24. You find your lover’s kink horrifyingly unsexy. What do you do?

-I’ll try anything once.
-This relationship is over.

25. Do you deposit savings, even a little, monthly?


26. What are your thoughts on underpants?

-It can go anywhere.
-You wear them…under your pants.

27. Do you look for appearance or personality in a mate?


28. Have you been told your romantic standards were too high?

-Not that I recall

29. Do you get bored easily?


29. Ever been told you have poor taste in partners?


30. Are you more of a Sadist or a Masochist?


31. Have you changed your personal style for someone else?


32. Have you ever cheated before?

-I plead the 5th.
-I don’t think so.

33. Do you spend money on fads?


34. Could you ever be paid enough to go nude in public?

-How much are we talking about?

35. Is age just a number?

-There are limits.
-It’s all about love.

36. Which looks better on men?


37. How do you make decisions?

-My gut
-My mind

38. Do you carefully choose your underwear each day?

-Not really

39. If you get a call from someone you hate, do you…

-Answer it.
-Straight to voicemail.

40. Is it ok for your lover to be close friends with others of your gender?

-I’d be bothered.
-I wouldn’t care.

41. What do you do if you doubt your lover?

-Reaffirm my trust.
-Talk to them.

42. Would you try to steal your friend’s lover?

-Can’t stop the heart.
-I’ll hold back.

43. Is it okay to lie if you’ll never be caught?

-No problem there.
-I still can’t lie.

44. Someone’s hitting on your lover!

-Step in and end it.
-Trust your lover.

45. Which is harder: lying or being lied to?

-Being lied to.

46. Have you ever looked up dirty words for kicks?

-You got me.

47. Your lover is cheating on you. Do you…?

-Break up with them.
-Make them end it.

48. Could you show everything in your inbox to your lover?

-Of course!
-Eh…I don’t think so.

49. Do you have to carefully choose which underwear to wear each day?

-Not really

50. Do you gesticulate while on the phone?

-Who doesn’t?
-That’s stupid

51. You’ve suddenly changed sexes. Where do you go?

-The hospital
-The shower with a 'friend'

52. If you were suddenly rich, would you tell your lover?

-Yes, of course.
-No, it’s all mine

53. Do you buy too much food when you’re hungry?


54. Cosplay in the bedroom: Yea or Nay?

-Not for me
-It can be fun

55. How would you propose to your lover?

-Just let it happen
-It has to be a special

56. Your best friend, or your lover! Choose!


57. Quick! You’re naked! Where do you hide?

-I have nothing to hide
-Anywhere I can

58. What would you do if your significant other fell in love with someone else?

-I’d let them go.
-Cling to what’s mine!

59. Would you date someone who was already married?

-All’s fair in love and war
-I don’t cheat

60. Would you be able to physically punish someone if you believed it was the right thing to do?

-I could do that
-No. never

61. If you got reincarnated, would you want to be human?

-I love being human!
-It doesn’t matter.

62. Is it acceptable to marry for money or power?


63. How do you end a relationship?

-Say it flat out.
-Let things die down and then break up.

64. Is there more to a relationship then physical attraction?

-Humans are Animals
-There’s more to it then that

65. Could you marry the perfect… robot?

-Is it… fully functional?
-I don’t do robots

66. Is it easier to love or be loved?

-To Love
-To be loved

67. Is it ok for a lover to be obsessing over a 2D character?

-It's fine.

68. What do you do if your opinion differs from others?

-Accept our differences
-Reject the opponent

69. When you make a crucial decision, what do you believe in the end?

-My own heart!
-Other's opinions.


(You don't have to answer all the questions by the way. Just pick the ones you like!)

Now, for the other game! Vote on your favorite Waifu or Husbando from the Catherine video game.

If you haven't played then I left a summary of the characters' personality below the pictures. Go with your gut and pick whichever you like most.

The most Hearts wins haha!


Katherine McBride:


Erica Anderson:


Vincent Brooks:





Qatherine: An alien from out of this world. They identify as non-binary but that doesn't stop them from loving either gender. Qatherine is smart, sweet, honest and is a talented musician. They are loyal to their lover and won't abandon them in their hour of need. However, Qatherine is sensitive to other's feelings and opinions so don't be too critical! An all around angel.

Age: ???


Katherine McBride: She is intelligent, mature, assertive, dominant, responsible, and goal-oriented. While generally serious, she is not without a sense of humor at times. Katherine is always straight-forward and doesn't appreciate between-the-lines insinuations or passive-aggressive accusations. She has zero tolerance for anything she finds immature and mean-spirited. Katherine is also prone to nagging and expects her other to have a plan in life with no excuses.

She also works as a manager for a clothing company and loves fashion!

Age: 32


Catherine: A free spirit with a love for spontaneous romance! Catherine doesn't respect nor care for conventional relationships and prefers polyamorous flings. She is also a Succubus and is willing to tempt men away from their commitments. Paradise can be had if one is willing to forsake their own humanity for sexual decadence.

In the human world she has a part-time job making video games.

Age: 22 (human form)


Erica Anderson: Erica is often talkative with everyone she meets. Kind and supportive, she keeps an open mind to others. As such she has a variety interests and loves wrestling. She also works at the Stray Sheep bar as a waitress. It may be worth mentioning she is a transgender, but that shouldn't matter if one is interested in true love right?

Age: 32


Ishtar AKA Trisha: Ishtar is the goddess of love or so it is implied. Either way, she loves a challenge and likes to test her lover's will. If you don't mind putting up with puzzles or other games than Ishtar's reward of never ending love is yours! Just don't cheat.

Age: ???


Vincent Brooks: A computer programmer living paycheck to paycheck! Loves to smoke and drink with friends. Vincent has as a knack for puzzle solving, but is also good at getting himself backed into a corner. Overall he is neither the greatest or worst at what he does. Just a guy trying to survive life!

Age: 32


Orlando Haddick is a laid-back guy enjoying a carefree lifestyle. Orlando is a regular at the Stray Sheep and is a longtime friend of Vincent Brooks, Jonathan Ariga, and Erica Anderson. Outside of the Stray Sheep, he works at the same place Vincent does, so he could be considered Vincent's co-worker at their technology firm. He is not very reliable with money, and easily duped by scams, tricks and get-rich-quick schemes.

Orlando is the only one of the group to have been married (and divorced) and holds a very serious grudge against his wife for her supposed betrayal of him.

Age: 32

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