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French ppl around here ?

Let's talk about baguette!
Non, merci!
Feb 04, 20 at 3:18am
I'm french and swedish
Feb 04, 20 at 3:21am
not french but id like to say that while people meme on the french for being cowards, you guys are some of the biggest badasses in the western world keep up the good work
Eh? Wee wee Le pee pee
Not technically French, but I am half-French by birth, and I do have a love of baguette, onion, and French-style omlette. Would be fun to head back down to Occitània at some point; I stopped by Béziers with my family a few years ago just into Autumn and it was a really nice place. The seafood especially was really nice, and I maintain that Joutes is the one good sport. And then there was that Breton-style crêperie in Montblanc. Though I really would have to work on my grasp of the French language if I were to go again. Really there are lots of places in France that would be great for tourism purposes; Bretagne has got to be a popular one. Also had a hankering to visit Montreuil.
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